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Business Consulting

We have a track record in supporting our clients with strategies, for people, processes and technology.

Strong focus on the client brand and values with staff, through our learning programmes.


Leadership / Management Mentoring Services

Launched to support Leaders / Managers through this WFH reality.

Being a sounding board for Leaders / Managers and to support / guide on how to manage teams remotely during this period.

Setting up a Career Vision with accompanying Performance Development Plan to enhance key leadership skills.


Management Facilitation – NQF L5 General Management (customised)

Facilitation services on 23 different leadership / management modules.

We currently partner with an Online Classroom accredited service provider on these services.

Training Programmes are split into 3 main categories: Leadership Self Mastery, Business Management and People Management.


Leadership Self Mastery:

1.      Leadership

2.      Emotional Intelligence

3.      Decision Making

4.      Workplace Communication

5.      Workplace Relationships

6.      Finance for non-Financial Managers

7.      Conflict Management

8.      Negotiation Skills

9.      Project Management


Business Management:

1.      Business Ethics

2.      Operations Management

3.      Change Management

4.      Risk Management

5.      Knowledge Management

6.      Innovation


People Management:

1.      Select and Recruit Candidates

2.      Talent Management

3.      Diversity in the Workplace

4.      Team Management

5.      Coaching First Line Managers

6.      Performance Management

7.      Wellness Management


Contact Centre specific training

We provide specific training programmes for frontline and specialist staff.


1.    Contact Centre Principles and Practice

2.    Workplace Communication Skills

3.    Handling Customer Complaints

4.    Sales through Service

5.    Business Writing Skills

6.    Performance Management

7.    Coaching

CCD Testimonials

It was such a pleasure being part of the leadership. I have gained so much knowledge and understanding of the different leaderships facets - which are so easy to apply in the workplace. I would recommend the course for to all leaders and subordinates as there is so much to learn that could benefit ...

Asiphe Ndulelisa

Des and team are extremely knowledgeable and professional, and facilitate in an engaging and interactive manner. They provide continuous support and motivation throughout your journey, and are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. CCDynamics is the provider of choice for all my Contact ...

Kelly George

If you have interacted with Desiree & Contact Center Dynamics (CCD), please let us know how you found the services provided to you as a client or as a course attendee on any one of our training programmes.  

CCD Website Administrator

It was amazing to be around such a passionate and inspiring person as Desiree. Her extensive knowledge and understanding of people positively aided my learning journey and I'm forever grateful for the role she played in my career. Thank you Desiree and CC Dynamics for making my journey fun and ...

Wasfiey Majiet

Desiree is by far one of the most inspirational trainer and leader I have ever met and worked with. She is very hard working and always strive to do her best. She makes learning fun and very interactive. There was many days/weeks and even months where I felt like giving up as the 2 years seemed ...

Salama Collisen

I was privileged enough to have spent time with Desiree. With the courses and training that I have received from her I was able to grow immensely in the business I am currently at. What stood out for me was the Emotional Intelligence as well as Conflict management. I applied all these new skills ...

Lucian Williams


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